How it works

Once you submit the registration form, you will receive a confirmation letter with an activation link to your account. Click the link to activate your account and start cooperating with us on mutually beneficial basis.

Where to Start

1Where to Start:

Bring a student to our website using your affiliate link and receive attractive percentage of the price of the order he/she places. More so, if the student returns to use our services and places repeat orders, you receive commission on each next order, which becomes a source of stable passive income for you.

How Much You Can Earn

2How Much You Can Earn:

Your earnings directly depend on your efficiency. The more students you bring to buy our services, the higher is your profit. Average order price during the hot season is $100.

Tools and Materials for Work

3Tools and Materials for Work:

We provide all necessary materials and tools, from e-mail templates to keyword lists. If you are a newbie in this niche, you can start with distributing discount coupons or doing email outreach campaigns, and then you can gradually shift to employing other methods for increasing your profits with us.

Promotional Instruments

4Promotional Instruments:

Place a banner with our ad on your website, or install our order form, client’s area, or services calculator, etc. This way, we can help you with promoting your website. Our writers will ensure quality writing and timely delivery of orders, whereas our customer support will be advertising the website the order came from, namely yours.

Grow from a Webmaster to Our Partner

5Grow from a Webmaster to Our Partner:

If you don’t have your own website in the essay niche but have a desire to earn good money by further converting quality educational traffic, we can discuss the terms of cooperation where you become the administrator of one of our websites. This opportunity is available to only those webmasters, who have been working with for sufficient time and have shown great results and success.

Register & and start earning money now

  • Bring students to our websites and earn profit by converting student traffic.
  • We provide all necessary materials and tools for efficient and fruitful cooperation.
  • Take the path from an affiliate webmaster to a partner and continue cooperating with us on even more favorable terms.

If you lack sales experience in the essay writing niche, you can start with the easiest steps, namely, distribution of our discount coupons and e-mail outreach campaigns. This approach grants you though not too high yet stable income.

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